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21st Party 🎉
Festival Makeup and Outfits🌸
My drag queen boyfriend
Photo Shoot day 📸
Avant Garde!
Special effects makeup
Fantasy Bald Cap!

21st Party 🎉

Kerry & Shannon’s 21st 🎊🎈

My twin sister and I celebrated our 21st birthday last Friday (15/09/17). 💃🏼💃🏼

We had it in the arc cafe bar, Clondalkin. It was expensive but this included DJ, food and a few balloons.

We booked it in June (a bit early we know)😲This gave us loads of time to organise and buy decorations!

We also started some DIY decorations such as these jars. We recycled old jars, washed them out and decorated with glass paint pens, cream twine, gold glitter and white feathers. We added electric tea-lights in them on the night!✨

Balloons 🎈

Our best friend Leah bought us the big rose gold 2&1 balloons from eBay. 😍🎈 I went into the shop “celebrations” on abbey street and ordered two balloons with our names on them! These were €20 each. So worth it!! I also went to woodies and picked up a few black silver and gold balloons.😁

Outfits 👗👗

We decided we wanted to dress the same as it’s probably the last time we will unless we agree to wear the same for our 30th! 👵🏼

We got our dresses in catch clothing in the ilac centre. The second we saw the dresses we fell in love and by we I mean me. It took a bit of convincing to get Shannon to agree but she gave in eventually. They cost €45 each👏🏼.

The underneath was originally knickers which we thought was a bit revealing for a family event. So I went into Penneys and found the perfect slip dresses. They were only €7 each! 😁

Shoes were also from Penneys and they were only €19 each. I was a bit weird about buying rose gold shoes to go with a gold dress but it worked out good in the end! 👠

Bits and bobs 🎊

I went to Tiger and picked up a few decorations such as mini heart flags for the cupcakes we made. Also funny face things and bunting.

Then I went into Mr Price and picked up two 21st birthday sachets, chalk funny face things and balloon weights.

When I was in celebrations buying the balloons I also bought sparklers and candles for the cake!

I then went to dealz and picked up some cupcake cases and mini pegs to hang our photos up on twine and fairy lights. ✨

While in Penneys buying fairy lights for the photos to hang on I found a cinema light box that I thought would be lovely on the cake table.😍

Cake Table! 🎂

Our cake table was 6ft so we needed a lot of fillers! The centre of the table was of course the cake that our sisters nanny kindly got for us as well as the sweet jars.🍭

We made the cupcakes the night before with our little sisters. I wrote 21 and SK on the mini love heart flags to personalise them.

In love with this cake 😍



Left side


Right side



I forgot to get pics of a few things but you will see everything in the video below! Which was filmed and edited by my amazing big sis Jenna who also has her own blog!

If you have read to the end thank you so much and I hope you got a few ideas from this post! 🎊



Festival Makeup and Outfits🌸

Hi everybody 👋🏼 sorry I have been MIA with the blog I have been so busy with… FESTIVALS! Lol jk.

I was busy with college exams and have been applying for makeup Jobs everywhere and anywhere, I have also being doing a bit of free lance. 😄

But anyway this blog post is about my makeup and outfits from Forbidden Fruit, The 1975 and Body&Soul 2017 🌸


Forbidden Fruit 🍉 🍇🍓🍊

Forbidden Fruit Crew🙌🏼 Thomas & Alex 😁


Makeup ✨

For my makeup I went with sunset orange and yellow vibes with a hint of glitter and of course sosu_bysuzannejackson “NewYork” lashes!! I added butterfly spangles from inglot into the inner corners of my eyes.


French plaits with a hint of glitter nits 😂

For my hair I did two half French plaits and curled the rest. And my best friend Leah was on sight to help me with my hair and gave me lovely “glitter nits” as we like to call them haha!

Outfit ✨


I got my bralette in Penneys Liffey Valley for €10. It was a two piece and the underwear were €6 but I just bought the bralette! It comes in 4 colours. White, grey/silver, pink and black.

I got my trousers in Vero Moda in Navan. These were also €15!

I got my shoes in CANS in the Ilac in Dublin. Believe it or not these were also €15. These were so cheap because I am only a size 2 in shoe so I get them for kids price 🙌🏼 I loved these shoes because they had silk ribbons and glitter on them, perfect for festivals.

Last but not least my butterfly choker. It actually isn’t a chocker it’s a ribbon of butterflies I got in hickeys that I cut down to my size and tied at the back.

Chocker ✨

Shout out to Mura Masa, he was the highlight and also the main reason we went to Forbidden Fruit!😁

Mura Masa & Bonsi🎤


The 1975 🎤🎸

The 1975 crew 🎤🎸


Makeup ✨

For some reason I did not expect The 1975 to be such festival vibes hence the lack of glitter 😭 But I did go for a bold pink and sosu_bysuzannejackson “Kylie” lashes. And a lot of highlight✨


Outfit 👗We did NOT plan this!

I don’t know why I have a huge shoulder but anyway! Denim Jacket and chocker from Penneys, body suit top from Bershka in Spain 🇪🇸 and jeans are from Pull n Bear 🐻. Little shoutout to Leah for the ticket for my birthday 💓Best night ever #MattHealy


Body&Soul 🌸🎸

Makeup for day 1 & 2

First day I went with Pink dramatic eyes, lots of glitter and spangles and even whipped out the butterfly chocker again! 😍

The second day I went more innocent with orange tone eyeshadows to match my yellow theme going on 💛

Boxer braids & Wreath 🌿

I bought this wreath at a stall while at body&soul and it only cost €5!

Shoutout to my boyfriend Thomas for wrapping the leaves around my plaits and taking this cool pic 📸


From B&S 2016-2017🌸

So we decided to recreate a pic from last year on a very unstable tree branch 😅


Only full length pic I got! 😭

This is from day 1, only full length pic I got. Sign of a good night I suppose 😉 Shoutout to Aoife and George for all the festival fun ✨

Everything im wearing is from Penneys! 🙌🏼 Simple outfit but I hope I made up for it with the dramatic makeup.. #PlainJane

If you have made it this far thanks so much for reading about my festival makeup, outfits and fun!💓

I hope to post more often now with my free time 💓

Kerry. Xx

My drag queen boyfriend

My inspiration is from the famous Irish drag queen Panti bliss. Rory O’Neill, also known by his stage name as Panti. Panti Bliss is a drag queen and gay rights activist from Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland. Panti regularly hosts the annual Dublin Pride celebrations, which take place in the month of June every year.

Before pic!

Before pic!

Products used:

Pritt stick
NYX banana powder
Inglot Foundation 41
NYX concealer
NYX contour and highlight palette
Eyebrow gel 16
Morphe palette 35P
Gel liner 77
Inglot sparkling dust (02)
Kylie Jenner lip kit (koko)
Duo glue
Strip lashes penny’s (volume)

Progress photo!

Progress photo!

Step by step:

I brushed my models eyebrows up with a spooly brush with pritt-stick on it.
I then used my decanting tool to apply 3 layers of pritt-stick flat on the brushed up eyebrows.
I then concealed the eyebrows with a salmon colour I made with my supercolours.
I then powdered with the NYX banana powder.
I then applied the Inglot 41 foundation all over the face.
I then applied the NYX concealer under my models eyes centre of the nose, forehead and chin.
I then used the super colours for my dark contour.
I set the concealer with the NYX banana powder.
I contoured under the cheekbones, top of the forehead and edges of the nose.
I set the dark contour with the NYX contour palette in the darkest shade.
I then highlighted the cheekbones, tip of the nose and Cupid’s bow using the Inglot sparkling dust (02)
I then outlined the brows on the forehead and gave them a high arch dramatic look.
I then filled it in with the gel liner 16.
For the eyes I used the highlight shade from the NYX contour and highlight palette and applied all over the lid.
Then for the crease I used a shimmery purple from the 35p palette.
Then for the outside of the eye I used a dark matte purple.
I then I applied gel liner 77 to the the top lid dragging it out dramatically to give the drag queen look.
I then applied the strip lashes from Penneys using duo glue and tweezers.
I over drew the lips with penneys nude lip liner to make the lips look plump and obvious they were overdrawn.
Then applied the koko lip kit all over the lips.

Progress photo!

Progress photo!

Hair and costume

I used a short blonde wig for the hair. I also used a hair clip to clip to the wig and sparkly gloves for hands. The model was wearing a purple top. And then I placed a black feather scarf around him.

Finished look!

Finished look!

I really enjoyed doing this look and happy with the end result. I made a mistake my trying to add craft glitter to the eyelid which I know now not to do again as it went everywhere. Overall I’m happy with the finished look!

Photo Shoot day 📸

Our college offers an end of the year professional photo shoot day! It’s not marked or anything it is simply to have a professional quality photo added in to your portfolio 😄

I decided to do a bridal and a photographic (evening) look for the photo shoot day!

I brought in my twin sister to model for me! I was a bit hesitant about bringing her in as she is the worst person to work on 🙄 She is the type to ask about every single thing your putting on her face. She also moans a lot about how long it takes. I love her and all but she is a nightmare to work with LOL!

Throwback 👭

Throwback 👭

Also if I had a Euro for everytime someone asked me this day if she was my twin I would be very rich.


Throwback 👭😎

Throwback 👭😎


I started off with the bridal makeup. I did flawless yet effortless looking skin and a neutral eye and lip. I chose to do a very subtle bridal look as a lot of brides are sceptical of their makeup looking to OTT on the most important day of their lives. It is very neutral but flawless.

Bridal photo shoot 👰🏼

Bridal photo shoot 👰🏼




Then I did the photographic look! This look was vibrant yellow eyes with a bold brown lip and heavy contour and highlight. I wanted this look to be dramatic to catch people’s eyes.





Forgot to get a photo at the ring light in college! So McDonald's lighting will do 😂

Forgot to get a photo at the ring light in college! So McDonald’s lighting will do 😂

The photographer was amazing he gave such great direction to Shannon and she was fantastic! I’m delighted she was my model.

Can’t wait to see the professional photos!


Avant Garde!

The avant-garde are people or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox, with respect to art, culture, and society. The avant-garde pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm.

Products used
Mac prep and prime
Inglot foundation (41)
NYX concealer
NYX contour and highlight pro palette
NYX banana powder
ABH modern Renaissance palette (tempera)
ABH modern Renaissance palette (warm taupe)
ABH modern Renaissance palette (Cyprus umber)
Inglot brow gel (16)
Inglot eyeliner gel (77)
Kylie Jenner true brown lip kit (liner and matte liquid lipstick)

Progress photo!

Progress photo!

Step by step
I started off by spraying primer all over the face with the mac prep and prime.
I then applied Inglot 41 foundation all over the face.
I then added NYX concealer on the lids and under the eyes. I set the face and concealer with NYX banana powder.
I then used the dark shade from the NYX contour and highlight pro palette to contour the cheeks and forehead.
For the eyes I applied the tempera shade all over the lid.
I then added the warm taupe in the crease of the eye as a transition shade.
I then applied Cyprus umber (dark brown) in the outer corners of the eyes.
I then added 77 gel liner to the upper lid and the water line.
I blended out the bottom lash line using the warm taupe shade.
For the eyebrows I added Inglot 16 brow gel.
For the lips I used Kylie Jenner true brown lip kit.
I pared my lip liner and lip lined the lips upwards to make them look fuller.
I then added the liquid lipstick on my lipstick brush and applied all over the lips.
I then added aquacolours to the left side of the face.
I started off with red aquacolours with a fine tip art brush.
I applied this to the eye brow, forehead, side of the nose, cheek and left side of the lip.
I then stippled on some blue with an art brush.
I applied this on the forehead, lip, at the bottom of the nose and the left eye lid.
I then applied yellow to the eyebrow and eyelashes.

Finished look!

Finished look!

For this look I got to do a look as random and weird as we wanted. I didn’t want to go over board so I just did normal makeup with a hint of aquacolour. I am happy how effective the look turned out. Shout to my bestfriend Leah for her help with this one 😁

Special effects makeup

This week’s assignment was to create a look including bruises and grazes. I chose this look to highlight the issue of domestic violence. According to SafeIreland, domestic violence is “the physical, emotional, sexual or mental abuse of one person by another within close, intimate or family relationships. In most situations the abuser uses a range of abusive behaviours to gain and ensure power and control over the other person and these abusive actions often get worse over time.”



Products used

Barrier cream
Spirit gum
Baby powder

Progress photo!

Progress photo!

Step by step

I applied barrier cream to the whole face.
I the added spirit gum to the lip, nose and cheek.
I then applied wax on to these areas and smoothed them down with vaseline on my spatula.
I then powdered the wax with baby powder using a fluffy brush.
I then slit threw the wax and added colour.
I added red everywhere on the wax using a small thin art brush.
I then added dark maroon to the highest point of the wax using a small thin art brush.
Then I added blood to the inside of the slits.
I then did an old bruise on one eye.
By doing this I added yellow to the eye lid, inner eye and under eye.
I then added the smallest bit of green to the same areas using a the same fluffy brush.
I then added purple closer to the inner eye and blended lightly outward using a small fluffy brush.
I then added Vaseline to the eye using my ring finger to make it look shiney.
I then mixed red and maroon together on my decanting tray.
Then using my stipple sponge I dipped it in this colour and then lightly stroked the forehead to make a scrape.
I then desired to add bruises to the arms.
I used yellow, green and purple shades to make it look like old hand mark bruises on the arms.
Lastly I sprayed glysterine under the eyes to make it look like tears.

Progress photo!

Progress photo!

Hair and costume

For hair I back combed it to look messy. Costume I put a dressing gown on the model to show she doesn’t leave the house because she doesn’t want anyone to see her cuts and bruises. I also made a help me sign to show she is crying for help from domestic violence.

Finished look!

Finished look!

I enjoyed doing this look as it had a variety of grazes to do such as bruises scrapes and black eyes. From practicing I learned that the less wax the better! so I used as little as possible and thought it looked effective and real. If I was to do this look again I would maybe add in a latex scar to show a more serious side to domestic violence but other than that I was really happy with this look.


Women’s Aid

Free Phone: 1800 341 900

Open: 24/7


Safe Ireland
Telephone: +353 90 6479078
Fax: +353 90 6479090

Fantasy Bald Cap!

When I think of the word fantasy I think of beautiful flying creatures such as butterflies. So I immediately knew I wanted to do a look with butterflies. I was inspired by the idea of butterflies being connected to a loved one who has passed on. To make it a happy fantasy look I added a lot of colour.

Products used

Hair gel
Bald cap
Spirit gum
Baby powder
Clown white
Inglot eyeshadow (yellow, orange, pink & blue)
Gel liner (77)
Inglot highlighter (01)
Sultry lashes

Progress photo!

Progress photo!

Progress photo!

Progress photo!

Step by step

I started off by flattening the hair with water and hair gel and a comb.
I tied the hair back into a low ponytail.
I then added powder into the bald cap to check for any folds and rips.
I then placed the bald cap over the head and cut around the areas I didn’t need.
I stuck down the bald cap with spirit gum.
I then smoothed out the edges with acetone on a cotton bud.
I the colour corrected the hair with a purple/ brown colour from the supracolours.
I then powdered the the colour.
I then used my clown white all over the head,face and neck.
I set everywhere with baby powder.
I then started with my yellow eyeshadow.
I place this in the centre of the forehead, inner eyelids, under the chin and cheeks.
I then went in with the orange on the outer lids and cheeks for contour and also collar bones.
I then went in with dark pink and used it on either side of the head, middle of head and collar bones.
Then I used blue on sides of the head and neck.
I then applied gel liner 77 to the eyelids and winged it a tiny bit.
I then used sultry lashes on the bottom lid using duo glue to stick down.
Using the Inglot highlighter (01) I used this on the collar bones to make them glow.
I then used aquacolours to make splashes on the head and collar bone.
I used the colours blue, yellow and red.
I stuck down the butterflies with spirit gum.
One butterfly is held in the mouth by the model.

The finished look!

The finished look!

Out of all my looks this is my favourite. Strangely enough it was a look I was slightly unprepared for but turned out as my best look. The splashes of colour was a last minute decision but I’m delighted I added it in. If I was to do this look again I would add aquacolours to where the eyeshadow is for a more vibrant effect.


When I was asked to recreate this look at the Irish beauty show in the RDS I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited but also nervous! On the day I felt the pressure as I was representing my college Vanity X. It was a great feeling when strangers were coming up taking photos of MY work! It was a dream come true. Even though it wasn’t as good as the first time I did it I loved how it was more vibrant. I loved the whole experience.

My Instagram post😁

My Instagram post😁

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