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Festival Makeup and Outfits🌸

Festival Makeup and Outfits🌸

Hi everybody 👋🏼 sorry I have been MIA with the blog I have been so busy with… FESTIVALS! Lol jk.

I was busy with college exams and have been applying for makeup Jobs everywhere and anywhere, I have also being doing a bit of free lance. 😄

But anyway this blog post is about my makeup and outfits from Forbidden Fruit, The 1975 and Body&Soul 2017 🌸


Forbidden Fruit 🍉 🍇🍓🍊

Forbidden Fruit Crew🙌🏼 Thomas & Alex 😁


Makeup ✨

For my makeup I went with sunset orange and yellow vibes with a hint of glitter and of course sosu_bysuzannejackson “NewYork” lashes!! I added butterfly spangles from inglot into the inner corners of my eyes.


French plaits with a hint of glitter nits 😂

For my hair I did two half French plaits and curled the rest. And my best friend Leah was on sight to help me with my hair and gave me lovely “glitter nits” as we like to call them haha!

Outfit ✨


I got my bralette in Penneys Liffey Valley for €10. It was a two piece and the underwear were €6 but I just bought the bralette! It comes in 4 colours. White, grey/silver, pink and black.

I got my trousers in Vero Moda in Navan. These were also €15!

I got my shoes in CANS in the Ilac in Dublin. Believe it or not these were also €15. These were so cheap because I am only a size 2 in shoe so I get them for kids price 🙌🏼 I loved these shoes because they had silk ribbons and glitter on them, perfect for festivals.

Last but not least my butterfly choker. It actually isn’t a chocker it’s a ribbon of butterflies I got in hickeys that I cut down to my size and tied at the back.

Chocker ✨

Shout out to Mura Masa, he was the highlight and also the main reason we went to Forbidden Fruit!😁

Mura Masa & Bonsi🎤


The 1975 🎤🎸

The 1975 crew 🎤🎸


Makeup ✨

For some reason I did not expect The 1975 to be such festival vibes hence the lack of glitter 😭 But I did go for a bold pink and sosu_bysuzannejackson “Kylie” lashes. And a lot of highlight✨


Outfit 👗We did NOT plan this!

I don’t know why I have a huge shoulder but anyway! Denim Jacket and chocker from Penneys, body suit top from Bershka in Spain 🇪🇸 and jeans are from Pull n Bear 🐻. Little shoutout to Leah for the ticket for my birthday 💓Best night ever #MattHealy


Body&Soul 🌸🎸

Makeup for day 1 & 2

First day I went with Pink dramatic eyes, lots of glitter and spangles and even whipped out the butterfly chocker again! 😍

The second day I went more innocent with orange tone eyeshadows to match my yellow theme going on 💛

Boxer braids & Wreath 🌿

I bought this wreath at a stall while at body&soul and it only cost €5!

Shoutout to my boyfriend Thomas for wrapping the leaves around my plaits and taking this cool pic 📸


From B&S 2016-2017🌸

So we decided to recreate a pic from last year on a very unstable tree branch 😅


Only full length pic I got! 😭

This is from day 1, only full length pic I got. Sign of a good night I suppose 😉 Shoutout to Aoife and George for all the festival fun ✨

Everything im wearing is from Penneys! 🙌🏼 Simple outfit but I hope I made up for it with the dramatic makeup.. #PlainJane

If you have made it this far thanks so much for reading about my festival makeup, outfits and fun!💓

I hope to post more often now with my free time 💓

Kerry. Xx

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