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21st Party 🎉

21st Party 🎉

Kerry & Shannon’s 21st 🎊🎈

My twin sister and I celebrated our 21st birthday last Friday (15/09/17). 💃🏼💃🏼

We had it in the arc cafe bar, Clondalkin. It was expensive but this included DJ, food and a few balloons.

We booked it in June (a bit early we know)😲This gave us loads of time to organise and buy decorations!

We also started some DIY decorations such as these jars. We recycled old jars, washed them out and decorated with glass paint pens, cream twine, gold glitter and white feathers. We added electric tea-lights in them on the night!✨

Balloons 🎈

Our best friend Leah bought us the big rose gold 2&1 balloons from eBay. 😍🎈 I went into the shop “celebrations” on abbey street and ordered two balloons with our names on them! These were €20 each. So worth it!! I also went to woodies and picked up a few black silver and gold balloons.😁

Outfits 👗👗

We decided we wanted to dress the same as it’s probably the last time we will unless we agree to wear the same for our 30th! 👵🏼

We got our dresses in catch clothing in the ilac centre. The second we saw the dresses we fell in love and by we I mean me. It took a bit of convincing to get Shannon to agree but she gave in eventually. They cost €45 each👏🏼.

The underneath was originally knickers which we thought was a bit revealing for a family event. So I went into Penneys and found the perfect slip dresses. They were only €7 each! 😁

Shoes were also from Penneys and they were only €19 each. I was a bit weird about buying rose gold shoes to go with a gold dress but it worked out good in the end! 👠

Bits and bobs 🎊

I went to Tiger and picked up a few decorations such as mini heart flags for the cupcakes we made. Also funny face things and bunting.

Then I went into Mr Price and picked up two 21st birthday sachets, chalk funny face things and balloon weights.

When I was in celebrations buying the balloons I also bought sparklers and candles for the cake!

I then went to dealz and picked up some cupcake cases and mini pegs to hang our photos up on twine and fairy lights. ✨

While in Penneys buying fairy lights for the photos to hang on I found a cinema light box that I thought would be lovely on the cake table.😍

Cake Table! 🎂

Our cake table was 6ft so we needed a lot of fillers! The centre of the table was of course the cake that our sisters nanny kindly got for us as well as the sweet jars.🍭

We made the cupcakes the night before with our little sisters. I wrote 21 and SK on the mini love heart flags to personalise them.

In love with this cake 😍



Left side


Right side



I forgot to get pics of a few things but you will see everything in the video below! Which was filmed and edited by my amazing big sis Jenna who also has her own blog!

If you have read to the end thank you so much and I hope you got a few ideas from this post! 🎊



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